Here’s my latest book, Jeremiah Jericho: Book One: Allowance

Here’s where you can find it..

The Blurb

Jeremiah Jericho is in high school trying to just go about his day being invisible.
He’s not the ugly one or the bullied or the bully or the child that is bound for greatness due to a prophecy . . . well not totally. He’s the boy that lost his dad on 9/11, moody more so than a regular teenager, and is confused by the anger that boils underneath everything he thinks. He hears noises but ignores them. Until one of the noises turns into a voice that demands to be heard because he is part of a chip that’s nestled inside Jeremiah’s brain.

Perfect addition to the books of today

This book is a perfect representation of what’s missing in the literature world these days. Has everything from teen angst to a scifi-like twist that keeps you hooked on reading. This is definitely a hard book to put down and one of the ebst ones I’ve read in a while!