Something almost amazing happened.

You matured.

Youโ€™re such a douchebag.

Jeremiah has a point.

Thank you, Jeffrey

Right is right no matter who teams up against me ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, about the awesome thing.

Ah, about the book Jeremiah Jericho: Allowance.


Jeffrey, he didn’t know.

Oh. Right. Sorry

What. Book?!

Written by my alter ego.

๐Ÿ™„ About?

It’s all in the title.

Me! Then it’ll sell.

But will it? What if people get offended by Christopher. He is trollingly offensive.

Who’s offended by candid greatness?

You don’t get out much.

Considering I’m lodged in your head, you would be correct.

But you have the internet.

And unlike a mind numbing teenager, I don’t find it necessary to dabble in the 1’s and 0’s for entertainment.

We found the fun police.


I know how to have fun.


What’s the book about?

Christopher’s alter ego gots an answer.

It’s about sixteen-year-old you and when you found out your dad left you a gift in your brain: me!

All this power to hack brains and control ruined by a 24/7 nanny that nurfed any fun.

I had one job to do and I did it right!

Like a good little KIA.

Tell us more about this alter ego.

He is a Jeremiah upgrade.

Like Jeffrey was an upgrade from Christopher.

I agree. Two against one makes us right, again.

This isn’t a Spice Girl’s song.


Waste of a pop culture reference. Anyway, the alter ego’s name is Azariah Scott.

I don’t like you. A lot.

So, what did you wanna tell us?

I just made a pretty good apple pie.

But not like your dad’s?

I’ve made progress

The book is being sold right now. All should go and see how amazing I am in it.


To anyone reading this, the banter never ends. It’s all in the book.

People can read this conversation?

I do have access to the internet.

I’m done. I so should evict you

More space for me.